Surprise Lunch for 200 in Under an Hour - WOW!

"Factories are a split demographic. The office is one and the shop is most definitely another. We wanted to give our shop guys an appreciation lunch, but we operate on a tight shipping schedule, making it nearly impossible to pull off without losing productivity. Bill was up for the challenge, and had the truck set up outside the freight door ready to serve at noon. We opened the door and there were smiles all around as our guys lined up ordering their chili dogs and grilled Polish with kraut. As they ate, they circled the truck admiring the vehicle and the mechanical miracle of how it all worked. The biggest miracle? The guys were all back to work within the hour, full and happy. Time is money, and Bill hit a grand slam. This will definitely be an annual event for us."

Full Service With a GENUINE Smile!

"Every year our group puts on a large giveaway event in connection with our charity. For the last three years, we've chosen Franks Etc. as our caterer because they just make things so EASY for us event organizers! Each year our event just gets larger and larger, and Franks Etc. has been able to handle the volume without breaking a sweat. Last year they served 600 people in an hour and a half! Delicious hot dogs and toppings, ice cold drinks and a friendly, helpful staff. They handle every detail from set up to tear down quickly and discreetly, and are a VERY entertaining bunch! Bill had great menu suggestions and even helped us with securing a tent rental company and an ice cream guy. A wonderful value for the service, but what they really save us is time, and that is PRICELESS!"

A Menu Tailored to Appetites Large and Small

"Four years ago, our school started an annual family festival event. First we relied on parents to supply the food, and then two other local food purveyors to feed the crowds as the event grew. Last year, Our numbers reached 200 kids and 300 adults, and needed a food solution that catered to a broad range of diets. We called Franks Etc., as we have seen him and his cool truck at the Birmingham Farmers market for many years. Bill made it so easy to accomodate our diverse needs and appetites. Children got hot dog combos and adults received choice of Polish, Italian or chicken sausage. Greek salad was made at the truck and served fresh. Delicious, and a hit with all ages! We have already booked for next year, as our kids and parents all love 'Bill the Hot Dog Guy'."

A CEO Gets in on the Action

"I called Franks Etc. when my boss asked me to set up a party for our sales team to celebrate a successful quarter. Bill instantly put me at ease, walking me through the process and providing me with a number of workable menu options to run past my boss. I was impressed by how quick and easy it was to plan the event - 20 minutes and the whole thing was scheduled and confirmed. I was nervous about running out of food (the sales team can EAT), but Bill assured me there would be enough for everyone. He was right - the spread was awesome and our team had a great party. Our CEO even joined in on the fun, standing at the truck to help serve up grilled sausages and personally congratulate each team member on their successes. These guys throw one unforgettable party."